Iron Projects

Posse Project

The Posse iron ore deposit is located approximately 30 km from Belo Horizonte in Caeté region in the state of Minas Gerais.The area already has all the transportation infrastructure. The only roads and access that need to be constructed are those for the transport of ore and waste from the mine to the waste dump and to the mineral processing plant.

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Entre Rios Project - Cod. LI101

The Entre Rios Project consists of  a wide interface area between archean and paleoproterozoic structures where Cone Mine Exploration accomplish activities of research for iron ore.

The area is halfway between the Entre Rios de Minas and Desterro de Entre Rios counties in the state of Minas Gerais, the Entre Rios Project is part of  the CME's investments in this region, which is adjacent to the mining of the Iron Quadrangle' south portion.

It has an excellent access to the railroad network which make possible the production's leakage through the ports located in Rio de Janeiro, besides the proximity of the main urban centers of  Minas Gerais.

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Guanhães Project - Cod. LI101

The area that comprises the counties of Guanhães, Conceição do Mato Dentro and Serro, is distinguished as new big scenery of the iron's mining in the state of Minas Gerais.

The Cone Mine Exploration works in the region with the possibility of a  mine-pipeline  development that would result in the environmental impacts' reduction as well the logistic cost's optimization.

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Três Irmãos Project - Cod. LI102

The Três Irmãos Mountain Range is near to the Brumadinho-MG County, southbound of Mario Campos-MG.

Besides the high quality of itabiritos in the region, the easy access to the railway network for the ore's exportation makes this project extremely attractive due its lower costs. 

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Sarzedo Project - Cod. LI103

This project is near to the urban area of the Mario Campos County, in an area that belongs to the Sarzedo county, main center of ore's leakage from small and mid range's producers of Minas Gerais.

The proximity of the Load Terminal of Sarzedo minimizes the road transport and make possible the maximum exploitation of the coal bed.

Less than 5km of the Sarzedo Project's location, there are three large range iron ore mines.

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Itabira Project - Cod. LI104

Around of 13km from the Itabira Complex (a project of the Vale's Company) the Cone Mine Exploration develops a research in an area of more than a thousand hectares with an expectancy of compatible reserves with the borderer projects.

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Cruzeiro Project

The area is located at Morro do Cruzeiro, in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais and the measured reserve is up to almost 10,5 Mtons.

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Jeceaba Project - Cod. LI106

The area is southwest of the historically region more productive in iron ore.

Approximately 20km towards northeast, there are large range's mines of iron ore where operate some of the major mining companies in Brazil.

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Santana Project

The lateritic deposit studied can reach 16Mton of iron ore and the inferred reserve can be up to 40Mtons,including the mineralized rock.

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New Projects in Bahia State

Cone Mine Exploration has just begun working on a series of projects in Bahia State - Brazil.
To know more about these projects, please contact us.

Seara Project

The huge area in the municipality of Rio Piracicaba is one of the biggest reserves CONEmine has surveyed

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Ribeiro Project

The areas of the Project are placed in the limits of the city Mariana, in Minas Gerais, and approximately 12km away from the downtown, being easily accessed by the MG-129 road.

Geologically, the areas are located in two main units, the Piracicaba Group, a metamorphic sedimentary rock class, composed mainly of phyllite, schist, dolomite and quartzite; and the Itabira Group, of metamorphic sedimentary rocks, composed mainly of dolomites and itabirites.

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Fe-Mn Project

The Project is situated on the southeast of the state of Tocantins.

More than 4000 samples of soil were collected and examined with 13 chemistry analyses in more than 42 elements.

The potential resource of iron is from 800Mt to 1,2Bt, that means that the project is “World Class” (when the resource proved is more than 400Mt) and the grade of iron is between 38% and 47%. The measured, indicated and inferred reserves of Mn are about 300 thousand tons and with an average of 42% of Mn.

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Iguaí Project - Cod. AF504

Project Iguaí opens a new horizon for mining in Brazil. In a mineral province with high potential for iron ore, copper, nickel, titanium, vanadium, manganese and others.

Its proximity to the Port of Ilheus opens a window of opportunity that enables the export of ore. Both large reserves or reserves of small arms in the area.

The project considers the implementation of mine-pipeline-pelletizing system for the iron ore in the region, with the possibility of integrated steel mill in SPA (Export Processing Zone).

Moreover, the alternative road transport  in a small distance makes minimal costs associated with this modality.

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Presidente Jânio Quadros - Cod. AF502

In the southern state of Bahia is located in the Project President Quadros.
It is an area rich in itabirites and that the entry into operation of the West-Eastern Railway Valec (projected for 2012) will have one of the lowest logistics costs for export in Brazil.

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Pentencoste Project - Cod. CE701

The project Pentecost has a privileged location, located near the National Railway Company CFN linking the area to the Industrial Complex and Harbor of Pecem.
This benefit also makes mineral exports as an option for iron ore, the internal market of steel, it will be installed in Pecem, a steel, which will receive $ 6 billion in investments. Only the first step, will produce 2.5 million tons of steel slabs per year and may be expanded to 5 million.

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Aripuanã Project

Iron deposit located in northwest Mato Grosso, one of the largest ore producing regions, known as the Metallic District of Aripuanã, with high quality ore, and good logistic.

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Monlevade Project

Monlevade Project presents a total reserves proven of 105 million tonnes (measured + indicated + inferred) at average grade 60% Fe. The types of iron ores are compact hematite and friable, and itabirites.

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Henrique Project

Iron project located less than 150 km from Belo Horizonte, owns 20 mineral rights, with a total of 11,500 hectares and a total iron reserve of 105,132,184 tons.

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Erva de Bicho Project - Cod. LI107

Located southbound of Três Irmãos Mountain Range, an edge of the Paraobepa's River, near to the Brumadinho-MG County, The Erva de Bicho Project is the most important investment of the Cone Mine Exploration in the region with an easy access to the main urban centers, near to the railway network and geology with an iron ore's high potential.

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