cone mine exploration

The Cone Mine Exploration is a Brazilian Company that has been operating in the prospection and exploration of mineral deposits, aiming to the commercialization of the areas or the creation of joint ventures.

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Supported in the ample experience of its Matrix Company, Cone Navegação e Logística Internacional, the Cone Mine Exploration works with focus on the perfect integration between the mining and logistic, making possible lower costs to the international commercialization of ore.

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The Cone Mine Exploration assets bank have several areas in the segment of iron ore, manganese, bauxite and gemstone.

Our goal is to explore and develop new mines aiming to commercialize or create joint ventures to generate profit for the investors and development for the mining areas. We commercialize our assets domestically and internationally providing to our clients and investors various options only with areas with a high economic potential.

Our team works constantly in the prospection of new areas, so that Cone Mine Exploration increases day by day its portfolio.


Avenida Luiz Paulo Franco, 345, 1º andar
CEP 30320-570 - Belo Horizonte/MG - Brasil

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