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Brazil is the third largest producer of bauxite, being around of 20% of production is directed to exportation.

Due its lateritic formation, the bauxite makes possible a great stripping ratio, making that the costs of the mine work are minimized.

Cone Mine Exploration has a big quantity of areas in Minas Gerais where accomplish bauxite’s exploration. Minas Gerais is the second largest State producer of the substance with 14% by the national production.

The bauxite production in the areas of the CME has possibility to be absorbed locally due to the availability local infrastructure to the production of alumina and aluminium, as well as can be exported, due to the accessibility to the ports.

We dispose of 18 bauxite’s areas for commercialization, located in three bands of the east portion of the State of Minas Gerais. In the nearness of Vermelho Novo, between Caratinga and Manhuaçu, in the region of Alto Rio Doce, and between Cataguases and Miraí.

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