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The metal element copper is relatively rare on the crust and it is economically very important and essential to the industrial development due to its characteristics such as thermal and electrical conductivity.

Brazil was placed in the 13th position on the world rank of production, with 1,73%, with a total of reserves (measured and indicated) of 17,3 Mt Cu-containing. It is expected that the country reaches self-sufficient condition in 2013, with addition of the production from the new projects of Vale and Caraíba, apart from other lower projects, and also expansions.
The main reserves sized in Bahia are located at the Copper District of Vale do Curaçá, which the mineralization is associated to the basic/ultra basic rocks embedded on the high grade metamorphic rocks of the Grupo Caraíba.

The copper estimated reserve is accounted to 10 million tons, with veins from 3 to 18 meters of width and outcropping percentage from 0,5 to 5% of Cu. However, in the same region, with 10 m pits, it has been found copper in percentages equal to 15-17% (chalcopyrite).

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